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Basic Training - Pennsylvania

Lip Blushing Training

Discover the art of lip blushing in our live Course - Perfect Your Pout with Expert Techniques! Join Now for Lip-Enhancing Insights.

All courses are both theoretical and practical, with basic excercises on paper, followed by practices on latex, and finally, practices on models (individuals).

Each course is divided into several levels. Each level will cover a theoretical or practical topic that you must master through specific exercises to be performed You'll be able to advance to the next level and exercise once you have successfully passed the previous level.


Maria F

She is a certified artist in different techniques from PMU. She is the owner of MODERN BEAUTY ACA and a mentor to future artists in micropigmentation.

She has more than 10 international certifications from PhiAcademy, one of the most prestigious academies in the world of beauty.

In addition, she has performed over 1,200 procedures and has trained dozens of new artists.

Her experience, attention, and human warmth have positioned her as one of the best Microblading and Powder Brows artists in Pennsylvania.

Learn Lip Blushing!

Discover the Lip Blushing techniques that will help you become a PMU artist and start your career in the world of beauty.


You don't need previous experience</p


You are going to learn:

  • What is Lip Blushing
  • How to create perfect symmetry with compasses
  • Lip Design
  • Hygiene measures, safety oractices, sanitation
  • ans stetilization
  • How to prepare your job
  • Aftercare A-Z
  • Machines, needles, and proper use of tools and
  • products during the procedure
  • Color theory
  • How to complete all the necessary documentation
  • for treatment
  • Practice on live model
  • 1- month 1:1 follow up
  • 6 months of support through WhatsApp
  • Certificate of attendance and logo

Includes: Lip Kit

Professional lip kit (valued at $900) contains:

  • 6 Different colors of pigments
  • 3 Practice latex
  • 1 Flat brush
  • Rotary machine
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Design conceler
  • 10 Cartridges for the machine
  • 10 Aftercare creams
  • 20 Cups of pigments

Lip Blushing Training

Day 1

  • Introduction to Modern Lips Technique or Lip Blushing
  • Proper Lip Design
  • Techniques for easily and quickly creating symmetric lip designs
  • Lip design to enhance lip asymmetry
  • Paper practice


Live Model Practice

  • Live model practice
  • 6 months of personalized support
  • Certificate of attendance and logo


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Day 2

Modern Lips Technique

  • Hand Movement and Hand Position
  • Proper Hand Position While Working with a Machine
  • Appropriate Hand Movement
  • 4 Essential Factors When Using the Machine (Angle,
  • Speed and Motion, Hand Pressure, and Needle Direction
  • Variation)
  • Depth of Pigment Implantation in the Skin
  • Physical Adverse Reaction
  • Choosing the Right Needle for Each Skin Type

Color Theory

  • Different Colo Tones for Each Skin Type
  • Various Pigments
  • Appropriate Pigment Mixing for Each Skin Subtone
  • Selecting the Right Pigment Type for the Modern Lips
  • Technique
  • Live Step-by-Step Demonstration on a Model by a Master
  • Trainer
  • Lip Design Technique on a Model
  • Modern Lips Technique Application on a Model
  • Results, Before and After
  • Healing Proces

Next Dates


August 4 & 5


January 5 & 6


Investment training

$2,500 usd


1- A certificate of attendance is granted.
2- A logo with your name is awarded
3- A $500 deposit is required to reserve your
*Non-refundable deposit

6 months of personalized support